Thinking About The Weather (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 22min

Anxieties about the looming climate apocalypse drive the filmmaker on a journey to the shores of Great Britain and back. The journey takes him to flat strip of sand in the Orkney Islands, to a decommissioned village in Wales and finally to London. He meets denial, complacency and conspiracy theories. He faces questions about personal responsibilities, what it means to act, and ultimately, how to deal with the fear of living in a world that seems intent on consuming itself to death.



Bonus Content

30 mins

Q&A with Maria Colomer Canyelles, Laura D’Angeli, Dafne Lechuga (Eighteen), Roberta Hilarius Reichhardt (Mantis), Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid (Wrong Direction), Emil Brulin, Hampus Hallberg (Magnus Is a Sexist) & Gardar Thor Thorkelson (Thinking About the Weather), moderated by Lucile Bourliaud.