War in Academia (2019)

  • Fiction
  • 27min

A class of university art students is given an unfair assignment by self-absorbed professors making conflict inevitable. The film has both reenacted and fictitious elements, using the classroom where the actual events took place. Some of the actors are also playing themselves. Director Lisa Östberg is interested in the border between reality and fiction. “I call the film a work of fiction since I refuse to distinguish between what is fictitious and what is not.”




Lisa Östberg


Mårten Nilsson



Bonus Content

23 mins

Q&A with Lisa Östberg (War in Academia), Mattis Adar Ohana Goksøyr (Good Luck), Marin Håskjold (What Is a Woman?), Jussi Sandhu & Ville Hakonen (Best Possible Life), moderated by Lucile Bourliaud.

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