Nordisk Panorama Film Festival – 31st edition / 1st online

Nordisk Panorama is a non-profit organization representing the Nordic filmmakers perspective on the world through documentary and short fiction films. Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is the annual flagship event that for the past 31 years has been showing a selection of the best Nordic shorts and docs in curated competitions and special programmes, awarding the very best Nordic documentaries and short films with great prizes. Nordic short and documentary films and projects cross paths with Nordisk Panorama in many stages of their life cycle. We are there to support them every step of the way.
Our expertise stretches from working with projects in process with mentorships, matchmaking and co-financing of documentaries at the NP Forum, to helping finished films find their audiences at public screenings during the film festival as well as via international film festivals, distributors and buyers from all over the world at the NP Market. As we all know, this year is special. Due to the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nordisk Panorama 2020 will be presented as a hybrid festival with films streamed online and selected in-person events in the City of Malmö. 2020 is a challenging year for the film industry and as always our priority is to secure strong support for Nordic filmmakers and expand the opportunities for you and your films. Therefore, all of our industry events will be held online so we can invite an even wider range of global film professionals and decision-makers to meet and interact with you, the Nordic storytellers.

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is funded by generous support from Malmö Stad, Region Skåne, Film in Skåne, the Nordic Film Institutes, the Nordic Council of Ministers, ABF Malmö, the Nordic Public Broadcasters, AVEK, Swedish Film Directors, and Region Skåne Covid19-Express grant.

Nordisk Panorama Competitions

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival celebrates the very best of Nordic docs and short films. With a focus on Nordic films produced over the last production year, the competition programme is the very core of the festival. Out of 541 submitted films 67 were selected to compete for the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival Awards in four competition programmes.

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